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Have you mastered the basics of Google Ads, and are you ready to go deeper? Or are you simply looking for a specialist with whom you can spar on a high level? I am here for you!

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Sparring partner & coach

You have been working with Google Ads for quite some time now, and you have mastered the basics. You navigate through the Google Ads interface like Speedy Gonzales; you know the Google Ads Editor like the back of your hand and creating new campaigns is done in minutes, not hours.

You just notice you’re hitting the ceiling. You want to take the next step as a Google Ads specialist. You are looking for confirmation and would like to be able to spar at a high level. Do you recognize this? Then my unique 1-on-1 coaching sessions are a godsend. Of course, you can also call me in case of acute or smaller issues!

Do you recognize this?

Hi, I'm Bob Meijer.

As a Google Ads specialist, I help ambitious companies get the most out of Google Ads. I work for a select number of clients and am responsible for over €1,500,000 per month in ad spend.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work on more than 100 Google Ads accounts. Often challenging accounts from great names, including Weight Watchers, Louwman, Harley Davidson, KPMG, Schoonenberg, and more.

I also provide Google Ads courses and 1-on-1 coaching sessions. In these, I share my knowledge with novice to very advanced Google Ads advertisers. This way, they learn the intricacies of the business.

What people say about me

Bob’s coaching has given me many new insights into Google Ads. Bob takes the time for you and explains in a clear way where the areas for improvement in your accounts lie.

Owner at Google Advies

I can go to Bob with all my questions. He thinks along proactively, without losing sight of the intended result. I would definitely recommend Bob to other (freelance) Google Ads specialists!

Google Ads specialist at Conrad

Before I got in touch with Bob, I managed my Adwords campaigns independently and thought I was doing a pretty good job. But since the coaching sessions with Bob, the results have been so much better!

Co-Owner at Aatop-ICT

I was really helped to structure my Google Ads and work according to a particular strategy. These sessions have taken my skills to the next level!

Google Ads specialist at Clickking

Bob takes you through all parts of Google Ads, teaches you how to set up a solid campaign structure, and shares his advanced strategies with you. He not only shows you how everything works but also why.

Digital Consultant at Wrkt

I would recommend you to other specialists. On the one hand, because your level of knowledge is super and on the other hand because you are exceptionally well informed about all the developments!

SEA specialist at Yonego

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Rules and conditions

  1. Please be on time. Should you join 15 minutes later, our appointment does not extend by 15 minutes. If you book from 09:00 to 10:00, our call will end at 10:00.
  2. The duration of the session booked is strict. If you book 30 minutes, that is precisely how long the session will last. Should we need more time, an additional session can be scheduled.
  3. If there is some time left in the call, a single call cannot be split into multiple calls.
  4. Please try to share as much information with me as possible before our appointment so that I can best help you. If you are not sure whether to mention something or are unsure if certain information is unnecessary, mention it anyway.
  5. Think carefully if your questions can all be addressed in the session you book. If in doubt, please contact me first.
  6. No refund policy applies to these calls. If you have to cancel the appointment for any reason, your money will not be refunded. I can reschedule to another date and time within 7 days before the meeting.

Google Ads coach.

Have you been working with Google Ads for a long time and want to take the next step when it comes to your knowledge about Google Ads? Do you want to get even more returns from your campaigns and take your knowledge level to the next level? But you notice that you are reaching a ceiling and have outgrown regular Google Ads training courses. As your personal Google Ads coach, I help you grow as a Google Ads specialist. Together we determine focus, and spar about the challenges and opportunities we encounter in your account(s).

Need help with Google Ads?

You are wondering if I can help you with your Google Ads issues? Sign up for a free initial session with me to discuss your learning goals and Google Ads challenges. This way, you can determine if a Google Ads coaching session is suitable for you, without being tied to monthly fees or a significant investment.

About your coach.

My name is Bob Meijer, and I am an experienced Google Ads specialist with over eight years of experience in the business. As a true specialist, I help companies and entrepreneurs get the most out of their Google Ads campaigns. On the one hand, I do this with my own Google Ads agency, and on the other hand, I offer SEA courses, Google Ads courses, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions for everyone who wants to turn the knobs themselves. By still turning the knobs daily, I stay abreast of the latest trends and developments, and my training sessions are always up-to-date.

Why 1-on-1 sessions?

I have often experienced that I went to a training with several colleagues and already knew half of the information. Super frustrating and a waste of your time. And often, you just notice that they have given the training before and that the training is not tailored to your needs and level. So a waste of your time. With my 1-on-1 Google Ads Coaching session, we work purposefully, and with focus on the learning goals you set. This way we both make precious use of our time. The benefits of a 1-on-1 Google Ads coach:

  • You determine your own learning goals and thus the content of our coaching sessions.
  • You work focused and therefore save time compared to standardized courses.
  • And time is money so also financially a 1-on-1 program is more advantageous in the end.
  • We apply the knowledge directly in your account(s), so you can achieve results almost immediately.

Why a Google Ads coach?

Ads in Google are an integral part of any marketing strategy these days. The platform can be very successful, provided of course it is used properly. Several Google Ads and SEA courses are offered online, but these are often set up for anyone just starting out or wanting to get started with Google Ads. As a Google Ads Specialist with 1 or more years of experience, you actually fall between the cracks. With my 1-on-1 Google Ads coaching sessions, I help you and other advanced specialists to reach the next step within Google Ads. During the Google Ads coaching sessions, we work on your personal learning goals and we start working together in your account. You will not receive a general course, but together we determine the content of your session(s). You can spar with me once or structurally. The choice is yours!

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Are you ready for a deepening session? Or are you simply looking for a Google Ads specialist with whom you can spar on a high level? I’m here for you!