Who is Bob Meijer?

Google Ads specialist, coach & trainer

I was born and raised in the Achterhoek and am almost 30. In 2022 we sold our house. Since then we live and work from our self-built camper. Together with Tara & Jip I am looking for the most beautiful places in Europe. By day, I am a Google Ads specialist who is thorough in his profession. In the evenings and weekends I am an adventurer and bon vivant.

How it all started

After studying Commercial Economics, I started in banking. As a sales consultant, I advised small and medium-sized companies on banking products, such as insurance. Through my employer – DPA professionals – I was seconded to Rabobank Nederland in Tilburg. That was quite a drive from the Achterhoek. Because of the travel time, I often stayed overnight in Moergestel.

I found little challenge in my work as a sales consultant. To get away from it all, I started a dropshipping webshop for exclusive rims. Those who know me know that I have had a great passion for everything motorized from childhood on. I had no experience whatsoever in coding, online marketing, and everything that came with entrepreneurship. However, everything could be found on the Internet and in books, so I taught myself.

Hey, that's fun!

As a website owner, of course, you want to be found well. You can have such a good and unique offer, but of course, if no one knows how to find you, you have pretty little use for it. Soon I came into contact with SEO and SEA. I discovered that through Google Ads you could buy on intentional terms quite easily and that this also paid off well. At least, if you know what you’re doing.

I enjoyed working with SEA so much that I decided to quit my job in banking and take an Online Marketing traineeship at a medium-sized agency in the region. This time closer to home. Here I learned the basics of my profession in my first year as an Online Marketer.

A year later, I moved on to a more mature agency in Arnhem. I was diligently looking for seniority. I was looking for colleagues who were more advanced in Google Ads. At that time, I was like a sponge. I wanted to know everything about Google Ads – all the ins and outs. The webshop? I had already sold it for a good price to an entrepreneur in Brabant.

I started working for myself

After 3 years of working at online marketing agencies, I decided to become self-employed. I started freelancing in the evenings. It soon became evening hours as well as weekends. Until I could no longer combine it with my job. I quit my job and became a full-time entrepreneur.

I now help a select number of ambitious companies get the most out of Google Ads. Currently, about €1,500,000 per month in ad spend passes through my fingers. And I expect this to only increase, given the growth my clients experience year on year.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work on more than 100 Google Ads accounts. Often challenging accounts from great names, including Weight Watchers, Louwman, Profile Tyrecenter, Schoonenberg, and more. I was also hired by cool agencies – including Yonego, Brandfirm, and eRocket – to share my knowledge, write out work processes and build out the advertising team.

In addition to the operational work I do for my clients, I develop Google Ads training for the advanced specialist. I also provide customized 1-on-1 coaching sessions and teach other Google Ads specialists and agencies the intricacies of the business.

Bob convinced WeightWatchers of his knowledge and expertise from the 1st moment of contact. The results exceeded expectations!

Head of Digital at WeightWatchers

Bob has provided results quickly with a structured approach. He also offered a more professional basis for further optimizing our campaigns.

Director at WisMon

We have been working with Bob for quite some time, and his expertise in Google Ads has become indispensable. We are extremely satisfied!

Founder at NOX Sleep Drink

We have experienced your service as very nice and enlightening. You work fast, are flexible and always advise us well. Our target group now knows how to find us much better.

Online Marketeer at Brünen

The number of conversions has more than tripled compared to the previous year. I think it needs no further explanation that I am very satisfied with that.

Owner at Love, Peace & Joy

We felt we could get more out of Google Ads. Since switching to Bob, things have been going much better. We are getting more bookings for less budget, great!

Marketing Manager at Gamecity

They preceded you

Bob’s coaching has given me many new insights into Google Ads. Bob takes the time for you and explains in a clear way where the areas for improvement in your accounts lie.

Owner at Google Advies

I can go to Bob with all my questions. He thinks along proactively, without losing sight of the intended result. I would definitely recommend Bob to other (freelance) Google Ads specialists!

Google Ads specialist at Conrad

Before I got in touch with Bob, I managed my Adwords campaigns independently and thought I was doing a pretty good job. But since the coaching sessions with Bob, the results have been so much better!

Co-Owner at Aatop-ICT

I was really helped to structure my Google Ads and work according to a particular strategy. These sessions have taken my skills to the next level!

Google Ads specialist at Clickking

Bob takes you through all parts of Google Ads, teaches you how to set up a solid campaign structure, and shares his advanced strategies with you. He not only shows you how everything works but also why.

Digital Consultant at Wrkt

I would recommend you to other specialists. On the one hand, because your level of knowledge is super and on the other hand because you are exceptionally well informed about all the developments!

SEA specialist at Yonego

Why you want to work with me:

➡️ I am 100% specialized in Google Ads.
I specialize in Google Ads and don’t do anything else. I understand the playing field like no other and know what works.

➡️ I don’t back down from anything
I go further than my competitors and love challenges. Profit tracking, post-click optimizations – nothing is too crazy for me.

➡️ No purple crocodiles or small print
I don’t work with long-term contracts, because I hate them myself. And everything I deliver is your property.

➡️ I’m always there for you
I work for a limited number of clients and am not overcrowded. This allows me to give you the attention you deserve.

Ready to grow?

Let’s talk about the results I can achieve for your business. Free of jargon and without bullshit bingo.