Are you getting the most out of your campaigns?

Are the results disappointing, but you don’t know why? Are you curious whether your Google Ads specialist is getting the most out of your campaigns? Or do you feel you can get more out of your campaigns – but don’t know how? I’ll map it out for you with an in-depth Google Ads audit – starting at € 2500.

I work with the best companies

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Hi, I'm Bob Meijer.

As a Google Ads specialist, I help ambitious companies get the most out of Google Ads. I work for a select number of clients and am responsible for over €1,500,000 per month in ad spend.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work on more than 100 Google Ads accounts. Often challenging accounts from great names, including Weight Watchers, Louwman, Harley Davidson, KPMG, Schoonenberg, and more.

I also provide Google Ads courses and 1-on-1 coaching sessions. In these, I share my knowledge with novice to very advanced Google Ads advertisers. This way, they learn the intricacies of the business.

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I turn over every stone.

With me, you don’t receive an automated audit on an A4 sheet, but a comprehensive customized audit. Most audits I deliver contain more than 25 pages of substantive checks relevant to your account.

Before I begin the audit and examine the entire Google Ads account, I want to know what your goals are. This allows me to tailor my audit to your strategy and targets. For example, is the focus on maximizing conversions within a certain tCPA/tROAS?

Next, I get to work on the audit. I assess historical performance, look at where unnecessary costs are being incurred and, most importantly, look for untapped potential.

Find out where you're missing out.

I assess historical performance, see where unnecessary costs are being incurred, and especially look for untapped potential.

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